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We’re taking the ideas of the new economy to where it’s needed, in a market that gets it: Startups.  For your PR, communications, media and copy writing needs, It shouldn’t be hard for you: it should be fast, easy and affordable to call TheDamnMedia.

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The idea:
The Damn Media is based on finding the thoughts that drive entrepreneurs to do what you do. Your startup needs a voice, let TheDamnMedia be the firm to help you channel that and find the language that you need to succeed in blog posts, website content, and social media in a way that makes it easy for you to focus on your business, not your communications strategy. You say it, we make it sound a little (or a lot!) better. It’s also priced accordingly, for startups without mountains of cash, and eliminates the one thing that makes hiring a traditional PR and marketing firm: the long term contract. You’re a startup, there’s no guarantee you’ll be around in six months or 12 months, so why sign over all of your communications needs to someone who demands that? Take a cafeteria approach to The Damn Media services. A simple press release? Easy. Website content? Easy and fast. Tweet and social support? Easy, fast and cheap.

The Thoughts:
Do you see that Piet Mondrian painting on the top of the page? It’s easy to do that. But only he could do that. That’s the idea behind The Damn Media. We can do what you don’t have the time for, and make it look easy.

In the 1980s, press releases were great. They’re easy. In a small market, like Albuquerque, they could capture a reporter’s interest. No more. Several newspapers, have a no-press-release, no-press-conference, policy. Commodity news is no more. It’s dead. So, how do you get around that? A submitted editorial that explains your challenges, your wins and your losses is like crack for an editor. Even better, it may even run with your byline on it. Let The Damn Media help you write, in your own voice, those thought pieces that become part of the blog on the site, part of your own site’s content, and a tool to reach out to media that’s not a press release.

The bread-and-butter:
The Damn Media is also a writing and editing service for clients that need help either crafting website and blog content, or simply editing. Our founder also has a bevy of freelance writing assignments on his plate to keep him busy.

The prices? Let’s talk.
We know startups aren’t rolling in millions in VC funding (yet). We know startups need to work fast. We know startups need to make a splash. We also know that you don’t want to have to tell your board of directors that the biggest check you cut this month was to a PR agency and they’re on retainer for six months.
We’re offering a menu of services. You want a press release to go out to a free service? No problem. You want a premium site? That’s easy, too. You need a weekly blog in your voice and a bunch of tweets to drive traffic? No problem. What about a good LinkedIn post that gets attention? Let’s talk about how you can become the thought leader you want to be now.

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About our Founder:
Dan Mayfield launched TheDamnMedia after seeing the struggles of startups firsthand. As a reporter and editor, as well as TV show host and radio personality, for 18 years he’s seen a ton of bad communications strategies and bad, uninteresting, and sloppy website content. Unfortunately most of that comes from those that need it most; Startups, who don’t have $75,000 lying around to hire a full-time person. But Dan realized it would be boring to work for just one company, anyway. So, instead of trying to do it all for one company, he decided to a little bit for many companies, and those that are the most in need of professional comm services. Can he take a photo? Photo degree check. Can he write? Well, these newspapers and magazines think so! Can he do video work? Have you seen his TV Show?